dynamic URL that contains question mark ULR, no specific rules, it is very messy, of course there are some dynamic URL is very short, such as dynamic URL WordPress, the default form is very short, even shorter than the static url. Generally speaking, dynamic URL than static URL longer, and not what the law gives us a out of order feeling, then, whether the dynamic URL on the website of the Shanghai dragon ranking the influence. Dynamic URL and static URL is essentially no distinction, as long as the search engine can be included. The URL website is like a bridge, but is an excessive tool only, the search engine will eventually need to determine is the quality of the content.

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the bread 贵族宝贝mianbao0贵族宝贝/ feeds, please keep the link

dynamic URL itself on the Shanghai dragon has no effect, but still need to pay attention to several places, in many web applications, dynamic URL default is relatively long, because the search engine provides URL the length of URL is too long not to be included, under normal circumstances, dynamic URL default is included there is no problem, but the owners tend to be some wrong operation, causes the URL to become longer, thus affecting the website. For example, when the site to create a directory, to be more suitable for Shanghai dragon rules, we usually use pinyin instead of form, to join the site to create a "catalogue of network marketing, we will put the directory name to the website address: 贵族宝贝 / wangluoyingxiao, in this way, will lead directly to URL extended.


have a place to note, it is best not to site dynamic URL and static URL coexist, if the site’s default URL dynamic form, do not set some static pages, using the default form to some sites, both dynamic URL, also has a static URL, very easy to appear the problem. If you do not want to toss the proposal directly. Using the default URL form, toss to toss, it is prone to accidents. My blog has been met in an accident, but are yourself results, in order to make the blog URL good, I used a custom URL form, but after the upgrade of WordPress, the original custom URL do not know how to become a failure, the default URL, I found that until a week later. The search engine included many new URL, and many articles have included are gone.

use dynamic URL and static URL, the website will not influence, the key is to grasp the details.