do more than three points, even if the site description, can also enhance the user experience. However, Shanghai search engine optimization thought, user experience can not only rely on unilateral to do content, the chain optimization should pay attention to the user experience from the start.


1) aiming to accurately but does not accumulate the keyword

home page and channel page is very important, so the demand for software writers to specifically describe the details, according to the above method to do the goods and brands, keyword natural blend together. The content is also described requirements should not be too high, the first 80 words can be automatically invoked.


3) depicts the reasonable length of

2 page description as

Baidu as the largest search engine, is very concerned about optimization details. So, when the optimization shows, to prevent the same page has the same picture, so too deliberately and people. Shanghai search engine optimization, at least in the home page, channel page, content page by depicting different.


so, how to optimize the site description tag

for a period of time in the search engine optimization company, the author finally learned to optimize a tag is very important in Meta Tags: description optimization, description optimization. Described is an overview of the whole website, if the picture is well written, namely description portrayed the precise place, Baidu will take it as one of the sites selection policy. Anything else, can also help users that describe the content of the website and find information is not consistent.

most of the company profiles, the 80% part stiff and not touch, is the main existing keyword accumulation condition. In fact, described the optimization, to rely on the good people to do, contact, brand goods, the key natural blend in painting. In the description of keywords only appeared two times to end.

) to prevent

written in the final:

describes the length can not be too long, long the user does not want to read; not too short, short to outline the content of the website will. Else, if the length of the picture is not appropriate, the search engine in the display does not look good. Is the best in the baidu limit length to express the meaning of concise and to the point the purpose of website.