through this hierarchy, exclusive page planning, we can according to the tourist attractions, tourist routes, travel time will be massive conditions through an orderly combination of keywords to layout >

tour line corresponds to the focus of our optimization. The domestic line section under the Lijiang tourism, according to the domestic big city main policy draw the corresponding tours page. For example: Wuhan travel to Lijiang, Shanghai to Lijiang tourism

corresponding to the Lijiang tourism Raiders, Lijiang tourist attractions such as


corresponding to the Lijiang tourism price, Wuhan travel to Lijiang line


went to the 10.1 golden week, travel is essential, especially now after 80, love, looking forward to the new area, hobbies, enjoy the new environment. The Internet is now the main form of 80, natural tourism businesses will seize this point, promote their tourism products on the web. So. 53 today to share with you an analysis of Shanghai dragon dragon Shanghai tourism website optimization strategies and to analyze the tourism websites from the perspective of network marketing in Shanghai dragon. We can through the target keywords selection, landing pages, lexical coverage, user experience, internal links, access to information to several visitors.

we all know that the selection of target words is the most important part of the optimization, optimization of what kind of words will be what kind of customer, directly affect the site’s conversion rate. In the choice of special tourism website. Keywords tourism is regional and strong. For example, a lot of people will search for "10.1 Beijing tourism", "Lijiang tourism" etc.. Another feature is that the line of travel very much, from other words tour keywords such divergent lot, such as "Wuhan travel to Phoenix", "Phoenix Beijing to tour", "Beijing to the Phoenix tourism price". So the optimization of the word, a large amount of. It is difficult to carry out the work. All we should according to the actual situation of our website to logical choice.


10.1 Lijiang tourist routes, 10.1 7 day tour of Lijiang.

home page first select the target words, this relatively simple, if we are Lijiang travel agency, the home of the target word is nothing more than a travel agency in Lijiang, Lijiang, Lijiang and other tourist travel network. According to the difficulty of the appropriate selection of optimization. The following is the column page, according to the distribution of travel website, general domestic line, line 10, 1 international, special line, 5.1 special line, the spring and autumn winter tourism attractions. We will select the corresponding column page corresponding to the target word. Then the corresponding column page under branch out tours.

Keywords: Wuhan


page to plan according to the time, such as the 10.1 Lijiang tourism project page

Keywords: Keywords:

of tourism attractions planning according to the corresponding page. Lijiang tourist guide, tourist attractions in Lijiang