a website without any chain: there will be no ranking, of course, rule out the intensity of the original you really love! Shanghai is the weakening of the value chain, but the quality of the chain has not been weakened down! If you don’t have time to do outside the chain, then do not do a website.


5, website needs to be updated on a long

? ?

not all types of sites are required for daily updates, such as a blog, updated every three days, the ranking is still very ideal. This point as the site scale: usually under standard enterprise efforts to update the station are updated daily.


is necessary to write original, according to the article "reproduced", some industry articles, even released an hour original, will be reproduced in hundreds of articles. Some even released three days, may not be transferred to article 10. The search engine is to judge the value! If this type of information has been collected enough information, you will lose value and punish those who love Shanghai! Why station? Like grandpa Mao said: is the true saying! We could.

said many webmaster, my website construction 1 months no ranking, please don’t worry: even if your site optimization is proper, generally need more than a month, generally about three months the effect is more prominent. Of course, on the other hand, if the site do in a complete mess a year may not have the effect.

4, the website chain has the effect of

1, the website ranking how long can

3, the website is necessary to write the original

6, website revision will be down right?


down the right site performance is: the global keyword or keyword index all of a sudden collapse, collapse! In addition.

resources will make people in those years I tread on air, have done such a thing, a program to open the sub domain. But I want to say is: if you have web traffic over the 3000IP, does not recommend specific open, why? This is a piece of advice.

2, website open sub domain name

just saw a staff post in Shanghai dragon love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, in which to write a work on feeling five years, telling all sad. The station is also more with the more than 10 page of the post, the author wrote, to write this article, help more Adsense see they are most concerned about the website optimization problem 20". I hope you avoid detours!

7, to see how the website is down right

many webmaster "rumors" said: do not do the revision, the revision will drop right! Please do not believe rumors, if your site is correct and imperative, revision, then do it boldly. As for the revision of rules, can come to my blog to see, recently wrote an article.