this year, "Entrepreneur" selected 7 women innovators, from health care, science and technology, government and other fields. Their innovation not only changed the way people used to engage in business activities, but also contributed to the government security, gender discrimination, poverty and other issues on the world.

Michele Quaid Weslander: bridging the government and start-ups


she brings cutting-edge technology into the closed U.S. government.


Vanessa Richardson


the United States government has always been known for its inefficiency (Entrepreneur point of view, does not represent the position of this publication). But in her work in the U.S. security agency in different departments, and the National Intelligence Director, defense minister worked for 9 years, Michele Weslander Quaid behave more like an entrepreneur. She abandoned the hardware obsolete, persuaded the team through the network collaboration tools, and let the Department she stayed rigid changes in working methods, working like a startup.

Weslander Quaid dare to do everything attracted the attention of the Google, which in 2011 from her. Today, she is the chief technology officer of the Google public sector, but also Google’s innovative preacher. Weslander Quaid weekday work in washington. On the one hand, she explains to the government what they want to know about the technology of Google; on the other hand, she also wants Google employees to understand why they have to support the public sector. "A large part of my job is to translate between Silicon Valley and the government." She said, to build a bridge between the two cultures."

Weslander Quaid to study physics at the undergraduate level, and then master of optics. After graduation, she worked in a commercial company, both for consumers, but also for businesses and government services. 9· 11 after the incident, she received the invitation of the government, give advice and suggestions for the anti-terrorism work.

for Weslander Quaid, it may be easier to keep all information confidential as required by the government, but she didn’t do it. In the collection of maps and pictures of the military intelligence work of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, national security agency cooperation and she persuaded the boss is responsible for the collection of speech information, their intelligence gathered together, in order to better judge the data. Her efforts were successful, and thus became the youngest senior executive of the US government. "It was like a fight." She said.

next, Weslander Quaid and push a cloud based software, so that visitors do not need to come to them