if you find the site snapshot of the long time is not normal, this time will have to pay attention to it, but not downhearted, this time is often a test of patience in the time. Many people think that this is the site is down right performance, naturally think outside the chain to increase website weight, so the bulk import chain, this method tends to play a negative role. The heart to analyze the reason of abnormal snapshot is static and we have to do, if the new station, or is the search engine’s own problem, we did not need to worry about what. Even other problems caused by don’t get disheartened, after all, the development of the website not a little frustration is not possible.


1 site (common) jumped 2, outside the chain or reduction of violence (common) 3, Links website be punished (common) 4, the content of the website is mostly non original (common) 5, the website often not open (common) 6, website content changed significantly (often see) 7, IP 8, robots (common) to change the file changes (common) 9, web page change, including keyword or template (common), 10 new sites in the assessment period (common), 11 by K and then restored site (common) 12, the search engine itself. Questions, such as the last love Shanghai (very common) error database. The above points are several reasons I experienced, these reasons probably is also the reason for abnormal most webmaster website snapshot.

will lead to a snapshot of the abnormal

right to treat the website snapshot, we.

most of the time snapshot reflects the frequency of site updates, like A5 Webmaster Platform familiar, the website snapshot is almost the same day or the next snapshot. There are two reasons for this: one is the high weight website. The two is A5 almost every day a new content updates, so the search engine spiders crawl page can grab to new content, give it the same day or the next snapshot is also self-evident. Another situation is just the opposite, we all know there are many questions such as platform, Search ask, the weight is very high, as we all know, but home is almost changed, so the search engines to new content, the snapshot also stays in the last update time. As shown in figure

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how to correctly view the website snapshot is not normal

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the vast majority of the site owners are very care about the site snapshot for individual owners, their status in their hearts too high to be reached, so the value that many webmaster website snapshot, snapshot update fast and slow is related to the weights of the website’s performance level. But I want to tell the webmaster, this argument is one-sided, exactly is a snapshot of the site only in some ways reflects the weight of the website, can not be attributed to a talk.

high weight website snapshot is not necessarily a new