Correlation of

. The chain is in the website to make a map of the city, through the reasonable inside chain can make the spider walk every time happy in the properly and logically arranged when crawling, and not like a fly without head, lightly hit. In the role of the chain is great, not only conducive to the overall site ranking to improve, but in now we are doing the same work to improve website ranking, the chain is one of the most important is to have a detail, the chain was ranked, and now the importance of search engine chain you can mention like the chain important. Included in the amount increased with the chain has certain relations, because the chain is reasonable, natural spider crawling up smoothly, then the index content must be much, but if all the anchor text for the chain also do the keywords irrelevant, the ranking is also used with negative. Although it is difficult to see, but through the analysis of some of the large chain will know, many stations have become lost within the chain within the chain, as an important role in website development.

is the user experience. Most of the website ranking is not good because the user experience is not good, and a lot of website is to make money, nature is filled with ZhengZhan advertising, anxious to put all the content and income linked to. Naturally it is difficult to take into account the user experience. The search engine for website content when the most, because do not see advertising content will naturally think of it as is blank, and for ranking is more direct analysis of user experience. So, the user experience for ranking has an important influence on important. Every day you said in the user experience, but to do again a few? "

first content. In many cases, a website is out of order may not affect the included, but if the site does not have a particularly prominent theme, and each part of the content is poor in one hundred and eight thousand, no correlation between a point in which it will not even included the whole of the site’s ranking help role. But because not too many related content, so there is a reason for the decline in ranking. Stationmaster often said the chain will have the same correlation within the site content is the same, a website two types of content for the website is not what good things, maybe lead to the culprit or maybe it also dropped the. So, for the rise and decline in ranking included the amount of correlation should look at their website content of the strong, this is one of the key.


a lot of people have encountered such problems, their website clearly included the amount is increasing every day, but the site’s ranking is toward the opposite direction, go down down down. I have also encountered such a situation. Does this happens, let the webmaster very anxious, because on the surface that the site itself to search engine friendly is not what, but is in the search engine position trend of decline in the state. What is the reason for the occurrence of such a situation? The author today is our own solution to an analysis:

The second is the chain