second update frequency is fixed included key to increasing. Until 2013 because the captured more than 300 articles, the author a little slack for the update frequency, basically every Monday, the quality is no problem, is to update the frequency decreases, to about half a year, it included several large range fluctuations, the worst directly to 188 reviewed and summarized, and the author in this time, because of a collection of 300 papers after the author is very much focused on the chain, not only increase the chain delivery efforts, is to strengthen the construction of the chain span, a week 90% of the time on the chain, now cause the result is your website directly to 265 the range of fluctuation, at this point the author analysis the conclusion is to love Shanghai optimization update frequency is the core collection of steady growth.

first, high quality original content is the foundation. The website is just on the line, because the love of Shanghai now for the original article increased requirements, so the new line must pay attention to the quality of the site is 2011 on the line, on the line within 2 years, the updated daily an article, a month is about to update 22 articles left and right, because it is the weekend, so I do not may update the full 30 article, adhere to the 2 years included good situation is reached collected in 2012 to reach 369, here in addition to high quality original content, the author thinks that the update of fixed frequency plays a key role, the author will make a detailed analysis from two aspects of positive and negative.

, the web site is included to the weights of the website promotion, because the site is a gradual process, even if you are a comprehensive information site, the website to realize all of a sudden over tens of thousands, it is not a very easy thing, for some enterprises to update the site itself the number and frequency is not very stable, it obviously was included as one falls, another rises according to their own enterprise website, the following analysis of several reasons for fluctuations in the website. The first to introduce the author’s site, the site is secure network, the main word is confidential, because advertising on the web site copyright link, the best time is 369 to 188 and then decreased until now stable in the 263 article the author analyzed several reasons.

third, affecting the quality of the whole chain website website website weight weight. Second I said very clearly in order to increase the number of chain the wide spread nets, BBS signature, blog and so on as long as increasing the number of the chain is no problem, but until now I found it, the number of the chain from the first few hundred to now nearly 2000, but the chain is many websites now the situation is still included will be slightly undulating, results of the analysis in this case again this is the quality of the chain there are a lot of problems, because the main keywords still love Shanghai in secrecy about eleventh, no matter is the author of this work still no improvement in how.

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