as a web site optimization personnel, the most sad is the web site K, of course, is love Shanghai K off. The site was K, ranking and what search engine traffic is gone, all the hard work and efforts are in vain, the site was K is very obscure and difficult thing. Love Shanghai very personality, it is the source of love in Shanghai personality changing algorithm, also known as Baidu and poison (Baidu to aunt, love Shanghai convulsions, the poison is the webmaster It is quite common for things). The recent egg lovers Shanghai dragon blog page is in love with the sea K, I’d like to believe it was once an act to love Shanghai, because the K home page, the inside pages or the second, long tail ranking flow did not decline. The last time I was home after several station K is the next update is released, so I waited in the calm, also a hint of melancholy. In fact, since the September 1st update since the love of Shanghai included reducing the site is no longer a big, many websites appeared in my blog the same phenomenon, so how to effectively avoid the love of Shanghai K station


optimization including many things really. That is the website software things above, we come to talk about the hardware, to prevent the web page by K we need a stable server, best independent server but the cost is too high. For many people the choice of virtual host is very affordable, come talk over optimization of key words, there are many webmaster in order to pursue a keyword in Shanghai love ranking will be dedicated to this word is optimized, either in the station or outside the station will use the link to the word. It is easy to make love in Shanghai that we have to cheat, love Shanghai punishment. The same keyword density is too high which will be the risk of K.

website optimization optimization, content and links, effectively avoid the love of Shanghai K station behavior from the 3 aspects as lovers want, Shanghai dragon blog from these 3 aspects to describe how to operate.

Optimization of

is the so-called "content is king", the main content of our website is the website content, can enhance weight. The website reference article. Love the sea to our website and grab content, so, in the content of work definitely not doing. We in the content of the first step is to do correlation, also is our theme keywords and articles to the website, the title related. We can’t be in Shanghai Longfeng optimization promotion website to publish entertainment news articles; second, attention should be paid to the originality of this love is Shanghai most of the attention, there will be the original very headache, but things will be authentic by the love of spiders in Shanghai welcome. It is also very important, we should do a good job of frequency and time update. This many people are likely to ignore, a lot of content when prompted by a sudden impulse bursts, is not in the mood will not take care of it. This is not desirable, we must insist on a frequency to update the content, but also persist in the fixed time to update.

content level

behavior?It is