website search engine rules established (Robots.txt and Sitemap)

The optimization of the whole structure of the

keyword selection we have in the relevant article "rapid promotion Keywords website ranking selection" in the paper, then how can we grasp the density of keywords? In the station optimization, the most important point is to avoid Shanghai dragon traces do appear natural and natural formation of the core idea. This is not only to the search engine more friendly, more important is to bring real visitors a readable. So the density of keywords to be natural, can be more than 2%, don’t try to pursue high density, can also get good rankings.

URL should hold to reduce the level and repetitive content thought to optimize, generally do not exceed 3 URL. That is not more than home page / big / small column page column page / content page, even the best small column page this URL level are omitted.

In addition

also added a breadcrumb to real browsing and search engine road. This is more important.

website META optimization (Title and Description)

station optimization should also establish coverage. But because the content is a part of Shanghai dragon is very important, so we will pick it out, in a future article to explain in the content on the website of Shanghai Longfeng way.

website optimization, generally include the following aspects:

web site overall structure optimization segment construction, is the home of the column navigation content page selection, column construction, site planning URL. Practice of Web site specific needs should try and decide, but whether the home is the content page, its core idea is to highlight key words, display new content and streamline reach level".

website optimization program (code simplification, image compression, etc.)

The overall structure of

website (column planning and URL planning



each column navigation home page title and name should be selected and the main keywords related name, such as Lanzhou, Lanzhou, Shanghai dragon dynamic website construction strategy of sharing, all can appear as columns of the title.


) For example,

general website is not necessary to do special contact the main navigation, because the weight of the main navigation is very high, with the contact way to occupy a place so no need. The correct approach is to establish 2 levels of navigation in the footer, and add nofollow label prevent weight scattered. On the left side or the home page or the content page of the sidebar area with the text display related content.


web site keywords (keyword, keyword density)