theme with their own website: love Shanghai for your product correlation is very important, it needs its own show things have enough user experience, so whether you want to reply or do you want to publish their own information in Shanghai love platform, should pay attention to this, and the chain of information. Will be deleted. For example, you use the software bugs sending your Post Bar love Shanghai, the site itself is metal, and you really use a bind a type of clothing Post Bar name for mass, it is certainly not the result, the account is in a small dark room, the post also be removed, so the new friends to pay attention to these problems can be more effective.

chain for the emperor, the chain is king, all Shanghai dragon ER novice who are aware of this fact, the hair of the chain can be said that all Shanghai dragon new things to do first. The hair of the chain appears to be very simple, but good to send outside the chain, the effect still need to have some skills, here to combine marketing software bugs to insect friends and Shanghai dragon Er brings some advice on the hair of the chain.

1, the use of sex related products in Shanghai chain

love Shanghai’s own platform, such as love Shanghai know, love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love Shanghai encyclopedia, Post Bar, perfect structure, meet the love of Shanghai search engine ranking rules, have a very high weight, if it is reasonable to the chain in Shanghai love on the platform, it will have the quite big help for our website. But love is love Shanghai Shanghai platform for their own products, it is for Shanghai dragon all want in their best platform outside the chain, you need to have a lot of strategies, these three points, you must do it, otherwise, you must be in vain.


: don’t do the chain in Shanghai platform, the most important thing, is to grasp the sense of propriety, whether you are aware of, in Shanghai or Shanghai Post Bar love love love Shanghai space, you have to control the number of released every day of the chain, once the number is too much, will lead to love Shanghai. Light, remove the link, while will join the "blacklist your website". Love Shanghai know control within 10 day, love Shanghai Post Bar every Post Bar only send a chain, other platforms are also similar, in control, and the new number in Shanghai know also can’t take the chain, now also strict audit mechanism, so the name in Shanghai should know when in love add your company or website name, the first level up to do with links, with methods in "how to use software bugs love Shanghai know" this can be seen in the.

"cheat" love Shanghai: in fact, whether you take what kind of practice in Shanghai on the platform of the chain, in fact, love Shanghai is to see in the eyes, if a few people do, and don’t love Shanghai very seriously, but if a lot of people are doing the same, attracted enough love in Shanghai note that you are in danger. When some people know that having sex in Shanghai, there will be a lot of "cheat" love Shanghai practice, for example.