; ;

4) anchor text to content. To determine the main keyword website before the anchor text, as described below. An article is preferably three to four, if the short words must not add anchor text too much.

information for optimization of the specific measures are as follows:

2) the contents of the article must note that many jade jade are news, and are on the network we are talking about, so this article even if you one hundred percent of the original but the industry people are saying this thing, it is not easy to search engines. So for a new station must be in the article content efforts. Such information can also be added but not too much, jade, you can find some similar to how to maintain the jewelry, jewelry processing, how to change the incomplete jade pattern of different symbols, jade on some legends, such as those around the rich traditional culture meaning of jade, jade Shi Feicui the content of such content easily contains much more information than. The same when we have to pay attention to this point in time to do other websites, the content of information must be unique, not to release some people are saying things;

this site mainly sell jade jewelry and stone wool. The home page and inside pages are pictures, such as:

ten days before hand over a new website is to do the jade jewelry jade wool. A new station, want to do website promotion. Get this site not in a hurry to do what they do some thing.

design is very good, but a lot of stone can not describe the specific text, do Shanghai dragon knows, search engine on this site for not liking.


1) every three articles, not too much, not too little, I generally are updated daily three article;

5) don’t release too much of the picture, especially the new station. Is the most easy to be identified and indexed for search engines to text, so the content or to the main text, to publish pictures of articles can do some more words at the beginning of the novel, the title, upload pictures to the picture when make a description of the

3) pseudo original degree must be high. This point is important to any station. New character requirements higher, generally an article used after I modified pseudo original basic level to ninety percent

6) to spend some thought sort of original articles readable, released to the relatively large platform, this is to do with the chain, will be in.

then, after the analysis can be drawn, the site of the product is not changed, "architecture also have stereotypes, so want to do inside the Shanghai dragon only from the start information.

First, the analysis framework of