passenger must have a Taobao off site, of course, also have a lot of friends using space, renren for operation, but the operation mode of what I say or have a good own station. The domain name space sh419 collided, the domain name of 60 yuan, the size of the space 50M OK, require stable operation, space to buy a 120-140 yuan a year on it. Now the domestic website for the first time will be more trouble, second is money, if you can record too much trouble to buy a foreign space, is about 120 a year, foreign space do not record the website can be on-line at any time.

then we need to find a website template for adult products, preferably a very tempting one. Templates can be found at the DEDE official forum, where free templates are available

customers, many people think is not a formal industry or work, why? Compared to the normal individual stationmaster he will have a stable regular website, Taobao guest is a single page, some even a single page are not, on some blogs, forums, message boards made guest links promotion. Individual website hangs an alliance advertisement, even if poor each month can also earn several pieces or dozens of dollars, but the Taobao guest many people may insist 3-5 months all income. In this way, many people feel that Taobao customers can not, can not earn money, nor can it serve as a cause to operate.

said, "Taobao passengers," it is really some people happy, some people worry. It is no exaggeration to say that Taobao passenger individual combat, earning a monthly income of 2-5W 1-2W There are plenty of people who, too few. Of course, more is the monthly income of 0, should be accounted for 80%, this part of people is not to believe that Taobao can make money off.


first of all, we need to find a higher profit products, where the first choice for human goods. For example, adult equipment, supplies, can watch the global adult TV bar, and so on. The Commission of these goods is very high, mostly at around 50%, sometimes lucky to sell a product, there are 200-300 income.

, a guest of goods

wrote this article today to pump up people who are still making money without making any money from Taobao. Wangzhuan type I did too many other, I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone, because there are a lot of difficulties actually operate, or need too many professional knowledge. Write this article is a set of Taobao guest’s operation method, basic everyone can operate, and the effect is also very fast. Of course, writing this article the main purpose is to let you change the thinking, through this article can think of a better operation method, I believe the article written after, there will be a lot of people to operate, so you do not necessarily have to be successful. But this method of thinking is useful.


and some friends asked me: I am a novice just came in, my E-gold account in little or no money, not enough to join the site that pay, I have no Paypal…… I’ve had a lot of problems like this, and I’ve answered a lot, but I know newcomers are always coming up, so I decided to write something for the latecomers.

two, Amoy website