Schmidt: there are many works of art, such as vases, such as paintings of tigers, and everything is made by hand.

technology news January 11th afternoon news, shlf1314 executive chairman Schmidt said today at the park geeks Innovation Conference, although shlf1314 gets larger, but still want to become entrepreneurial challenger. Schmidt said to entrepreneurs, "Shanzhai" phenomenon is not unique to China, and young people do not start because of money.


host: I’ve heard a friend from North Korea say that the price is very low. What gift did you bring to your friend?

has a very large vision, it is the target that we recruit those who want to solve big problems instead of solving small problems, I want to encourage all people to set up a goal may play, not just to see the China market, but depends on the global market, not just look at Beijing but, to look at the whole China, should be from a global perspective, you are service to all people, must have a very big idea of ambition.

? todaySina

song executive chairman Schmidt attended the geek Park Innovation Conference

host: we are very pleased to have invited Mr. Schmidt. We also know that your trip has been very busy recently. According to some reports, have you been to Korea recently? Is it very cold,


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host: when you talk about setting big goals and making big companies, you will also encounter big challenges and obstacles. When you review the past ten years’ growth experience in shlf1314, you have encountered

Schmidt: in fact, we focus on the recruitment of those very clever programmers, we are able to find the most good programmers, I believe that today is the programmer of geeks conference, in fact, we also study the Chinese market, we know that China have a large number of very talented programmers and scientists, to create a successful the enterprise must be able to attract talented and willing to solve the problem of large programmers, so we have to find the world.


Schmidt: it’s very cold. It’s hard to describe how cold it is. North Korea was unable to provide sufficient heating because of its lack of fuel, so we felt cold whether indoors or outdoors.


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anchor: of course, today we focus on innovation and technology, which is why we are here and have a lot of friends want to know, what have you done? What? Make shlf1314 a company so successful, ten years ago is a very small company, now shlf1314 has become a multinational giant company, you feel the most is what some actions and words to help

below is the dialogue between Schmidt dialogue:

shlf1314 is still challenger

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