shared bike: normalized demand, the market has been confirmed

according to previous media reports, after the completion of the acquisition, the resources and the supply chain, becheery nuts, candied fruit products will put you in the 35% production and delivery to and share part of the product warehouse; becheery will gradually enter the miss your offline store channel, and gradually with the help of miss you enter the super. At the same time, jujube folder walnuts, dates, cashew nuts, dates, dried, jujube and so on, I really want your product is also in the Tmall flagship store on the line.

" in the "four eight III. first food director becheery? If you think it’s just a casually through the electricity supplier brand, it would be looked down upon it.

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shared bicycle market competition has been basically does not appear too big third variables, market will be in the OFO and Mobell selected the winner, the recent v-mobile and OFO were looking for.

two bet: the future will become a platform for travel, access to more ways of travel.

was acquired by solving becheery funding difficulties, and for the first half of 2016 net profit of only 14 million 560 thousand yuan to you, the sum of up to 960 million yuan transactions have been a good advantage of mergers and Acquisitions — seen as a "strategic significance" of you lies in the channel and supply chain, and the obvious advantages of online becheery the two sides can complement each other.

three gambling: subsequent capital will continue to overweight, the retreat, the merger.


leisure food industry has been plagued by low profits, in which the gross profit of nuts and foods is lower than other categories, while the gross profit margin of online enterprises is generally lower than the line. The latter is mainly caused by the relative newcomer.

not long ago, announced that, after the closure of the physical stores 7 years later, the smell of herbs to return to the next line, in addition to continue to layout Super channels, will also officially start "one city one shop" plan.

and sharing charging treasure, sharing has now confirmed the existence of the bicycle is large enough market demand, and this demand is the normalization of sustainable, this is the v-mobile and OFO can continue to gain key huge financing within a short period of time. But behind the scenes, sharing the development of bicycle there exist some uncertain factors, as the two largest market share single game player, v-mobile and OFO in the future.

in the air above the bike sharing and sharing during charging treasure, is the capital of the respective market gamble, after the first half of the fierce debate in the market and rapid development, sharing and sharing of bicycle charging treasure of the two most popular product market development path sharing more and more clear, although the two are in. The future, but the focus is different.

for a long time, the smell of herbs and good products shop, three squirrels are regarded as snack snacks, electricity supplier three brands. But in fact, in addition to the three squirrels are worthy of the Amoy brand, the other two have started under the line. Cai Hongliang was founded in 2002 in Hangzhou, and developed more than 140 outlets in 2006, with a sales volume of 150 million. In the electricity supplier, Taobao saw the rise, in 2010, Cai Hongliang decided to close a large number of shops, so that brands online.

miss you 2016 annual report shows that the whole year of about 2 billion 300 million yuan of income, rose 90%, of which red jujube folder walnut "hug fruit" became a red explosive single product. And you want to achieve income of 946 million yuan, down 15.01%, which is related to the original image of aging products, sales decline.

pile, free parking and is convenient to share the largest bicycle, which facilitates the interaction part of the user experience to the public environment has brought many new problems in the past, if the administrative law enforcement attitude, sharing the bicycle was halted early. But now the situation is the sharing of bicycle has become a important Chinese city name card and Internet technology development, and has caused a stir in a foreign country, and sharing the innovation and development of bicycle has brought convenience to some people, so regulators have not to share the bike stopped directly, but regulatory governance demand is definitely there, all departments have also introduced a number of policies, such as electronic fence etc.. On the whole, regulators leave enough room for trial and error for shared bikes.

bike sharing in the country has leveraging tens of millions of users, and has become a part of the best choice for people at the end of the traffic, when users develop this usage for platform to speak is very promising, but for some other potential competitors are often worried about. Mobell or OFO or two goals are not only limited to the bike sharing this one business, just as it drops without limitation in the taxi business, but quickly car, train, bus, car, driving on behalf of a series of travel service launched after the formation of a certain scale and user stickiness. Sharing bikes is a new way of travel that is hard to cover and has great potential, so drops soon become one of the major shareholders of OFO.

one bet: the regulatory authorities acquiesced in support and gave greater room for survival.

data show that in 2013, becheery in 2014 and the first three quarters of 2015 revenues were 229 million yuan, 612 million yuan and 815 million yuan, the fastest growth rate reached 167%; however, the net profit was only -10.47 million, -645.79 million yuan and 14 million 235 thousand and 300 yuan. The capital chain tension, barely loss line performance or to choose to August 2016, haoxiangnizao industry Limited by Share Ltd Stock Code: 002582 announced the acquisition of "becheery" parent company of Hangzhou Hao James Food Co., Ltd. 100% stake.