first phase: June 1997 the world’s first "free money" company (click class). Put the company’s ads on your home page, and if someone clicks on the ad, you can get a certain amount of dollars. In November of that year, the provision of clicks to make money to serve the advertising agent.

second phase: in August 1998, a new type of money making companies, the introduction of members of the company also appeared to make money. As long as you join as a member, you can get a few dollars immediately, if the introduction of a friend to join, you can get a commission, each introduced one, get a few dollars.

third phase: in July 1999, playing advertising companies to make money (surf company) appeared, as long as the Internet while running the software provided by him to make money. In August of the same year, the company receiving and sending e-mail (mail company) appeared, as long as the company received e-mail can be sent to make money.

from a hair can not be collected, the network to make money companies springing up, all over the network flowering. Many kinds of companies came into being: register to make money, the task to make money, to introduce money, the home page to make money, make money, make money, make money, etc..

in short, you can make money directly through the Internet, this way to make money collectively referred to as the network: free money". Referred to as: "wangzhuan".