, as one of the greatest scientific and technological creation in twentieth Century, the Internet has become an important tool for communication among people all over the world. In twenty-first Century, the wave of information technology represented by the Internet swept every corner of the world, penetrated into all economic and political culture and national defense and other fields, to people’s production, work, study and life has a great and profound influence, but also to make the world economy and human civilization has entered a new historical stage. However, along with the rapid development of the Internet, the security of network information has become increasingly prominent, and more and more attention from all walks of life. How to strengthen the network and information security management in promoting the informationization of society, safeguard the fundamental interests of all parties of Internet and social harmony and stability, promote the sustained and healthy economic and social development, has become a major problem we must solve in the information age.

A is specified in the direction of development of the party and the country to promote informationization determination and clear policy for China’s internet. In 11th Five-Year, we planned to fully implement the party’s "Sixteen spirits", and stressed the need to adhere to the "information driven industrialization", promote informatization through industrialization, and raise the level of economic and social informatization." In the process of promoting the development and application of information technology and speeding up social informatization, as an important carrier of information technology transfer and application, the Internet will usher in a vibrant spring.


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