Practice Fusion is one of the few models targeting doctors, where doctors refer to small clinics with a total of 150 thousand doctors, nurses and office personnel. The company’s revenue comes mainly from advertising, but it also operates data services. Practice Fusion CEO Ryan Howard Ryan Howard plans to cover 40 million mining patient database, used to help pharmaceutical companies looking for patients in clinical trials, monitoring and other uses of the drug in the market. He has built a health data based predictive model for the two start-ups, 100Plus and Ringadoc, using Practice Fusion’s database, as well as connecting doctors and their patients. Practice Fusion did not disclose its revenue data, but Howard said last year that its revenues were less than $10 million.

do this, you may be the first, and later, your value and advantage will become more and more obvious. If you still have to do it, >

here, say to the friends who are going to join Taobao in 2010, "you’ll succeed if you do fine.". The popularity of this village official is a truth. What we need to do is to reduce competition, try to find the first new trend, and let the people follow, instead of you follow the example of others, which will greatly increase the success rate of Taobao in 2010.

here are a few examples: you want to do Menswear, then you can even choose to be a brand in men’s clothing instead of Taobao.

we all know, some keywords related to taobao has basically been standing for some to and constantly showing a saturation state, a lot of friends or even directly to the analysis, taobao, taobao home like high index keywords, this is definitely for a start to choose to go the road of failure. The reasons are as follows: there are ranking stations are high weight station, ranking stable, and maintain high quality of the chain as well as stable original content update, more have a group of loyal active users. These resources are unparalleled new sites, to go beyond, ordinary individuals do not have to think about.

has arrived in 2010 and Taobao is still on the road, but everyone may feel a new wave of competitive pressure. Whether it’s doing a website or blogging, there’s pressure.

you want to do skin care, then you can choose one of the most popular brands, rather than directly to Taobao beauty skin care.

, which is one of the largest financing for healthcare IT startups, Castlight Health raised $100 million in May, and health insurance parity site GoHealth was invested $50 million in June. Investors are stepping up investment in digital health care companies. The survey of Rock Health, an enterprise accelerator for medical information technology, showed that the total risk financing in the field amounted to $1 billion 200 million in 2011, an increase of 21% compared with 2010.

traffic is more and more difficult, the success of the 2009 station are also increasingly bleak, unknown to the public some of the station in 2010 2009 to become like a raging fire, where is the problem? The road next to the Taobao customer how to go? Here I will write some personal experience.

June 29th news, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. electronic medical records provider Practice Fusion today announced that it has raised $34 million through the C round of financing, the cumulative financing amounted to $64 million. The round of financing lead investors are Artis Ventures, investors involved, including Felicis, Ventures, Band, of, Angels, Founders, Fund, Morgenthaler, Ventures, SV, Angel, and so on.


long tail keyword conversion though high, but unfortunately the index is low, need class or even group do, can have certain effect. But a recent study found that long tail keywords are gradually showing the trend of refinement, through statistical analysis, subdivision category keyword is growing rapidly, and the keyword selection in 2010 will be more segments of the keyword selection, absolutely not some old words.

successful Taobao guest website does not have its own user resources or website brand resources. The success of individual users has been closely dependent on search engines, with its own unique service to win the Taobao site is rare. Our personal webmaster’s way out where, personally think, still in search engines, only targeted high quality flow, can guarantee conversion rate, guarantee even continuously improve income. This is already known to most Taobao customers. What I am going to say is a bit deeper.

wants to succeed, it must be aware of this trend.