, for example, Chinese children, from birth, usually sleep with parents, a room, usually crying, parents will hold the coax, and so on. But their children very early will make their own a room to sleep, crying may not immediately hold on.

this is neither good nor bad, each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Evan is a 8 year old child, he established an electronic toys and games on the Youtube EvanTubeHD channel, this channel in all the programs are Evan from a 8 year old child’s perspective for people to play the latest toy or game machine. These programs attract at least about 1000000 of the audience each year, and some good programs attract about 5000000 of the audience, who are mostly children, children between 3 and 12 years of age.

4 please ?

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for us, we feel that Chinese children are more polite, very good, foreigners children polite, but playing more creative, but also very good.

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of course not.

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yesterday is the son of 13 years old birthday, he asked the 4 little friends in Sleep Over to celebrate his birthday, Sleep Over is the night, children are very popular in North America to their home Sleep Over. Basically, just go to a friend’s home, Sleep, Over, no one can really sleep, is the whole night of slapstick, playing games and so on.

Because the search engine results

are they from professional television companies,

programs are Evan Jared and Evan’s father shot in his home, Evan is responsible for playing toys explained, is similar and their friends together to play with toys feeling, his father Jared is responsible for the shooting, post production, upload.

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the children very representative, 2 native people, 2 similar we such China immigrant children.

I watched carefully for a long time the children found Chinese children more than their children to be polite and self-discipline, such as their children playing is very easy to get dizzy with success, to other people’s homes as their home. The Chinese children will know that this is someone else’s home, when playing, there will be convergence. But their children will feel than Chinese children play and play, basically they can dominate what to play, how to play.


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said about playing, today just to introduce you to an American 8 year old child, how to play toys to achieve annual income of $about 1300000.


simple summary, their children feel more like a natural person, and Chinese children more like a social person.

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