rich in delicious food, dry pot as delicious and always has a very high popularity, by many diners favorite, therefore, business shop, open a dry pot shop has become the dream of many people. Now there are a lot of entrepreneurs in the operation of dry pot shop, which led to the fierce competition in the market, in this case, how to make their own pot shop to earn money? It is necessary to master a certain management skills, today Xiaobian to introduce the operating skills of the dry pot shop!

1, dry pot has always been to convenient, delicious and affordable as the main features to the community as the main object, thus positioning dry pot shop must be popular, low price, nature can not be set too high. Dry pot shop operators, management skills are very critical.

2, in general, a dry pot shop shop (not including kitchen) area of 30 square meters or so you can open the shop area of 60 square meters is regarded as medium scale dry pot shop, and shop in the area of 100 square meters even larger dry pot shop. For small entrepreneurs, the hands of the funds are not sufficient, no need to store the election so big.

3, dry pot shop food variety selection is an important part of the dry pot food business, which determines the success or failure of the operation of dry pot shop. Suitable for all kinds of pot class can be divided into dry varieties store pot, such as chicken soup, fish pot, Fried Shrimps in Hot and Spicy Sauce, Sauteed Crab in Hot and Spicy Sauce, pork, chicken, pepper and cumin double dry pot duck, rabbit and so on pepper.

4, as everyone knows, is still in the initial stage of the dry pot shop, especially those free employment or laid-off workers in order to make a living and the small Chinese dry pot shop, if you want them to adopt what kind of management mode, is clearly unrealistic. So how do they manage it, in the case of quality assurance, try to save costs.

in fact, any business in any industry is a skill can be mastered, for operators, to grasp more skills, the store will be of great help to the management. The above four points is the operating skills of the dry pot shop, do not know who want to start a business to do a pot shop is not clear, mastered the skills of these operations can be more effective. Food to join, open a pot shop is a good choice.