do have 3 months time, learn from the beginning to today’s website, is the harvest of knowledge, some people say the site is profitable, it is not false, but the profit means a lot, but the basic are Google, Baidu, alimama and so on, but the dominant or Google, should be like this, it will work like Sina portal, visible and it’s important now, I below to the joining process of alliance profit:

Baidu: Baidu is strong, very sinister,

From the

website pointed out that Baidu will think of advertising, because of the use Baidu Search, You’ll see. ", so I registered an account, fill out all kinds of hard materials, and then waiting, probably waiting for 2 days, Baidu will give a reply, reply about the contents of the said content on your site there is a lack of you can join Baidu, * * * and so on, should let me buy Baidu’s advertising inside it, ha ha, this is also beginning to earn my money, it is impossible to guard against ah, then Baidu theme promotion to re apply for a 2 day, etc. the result also is such, I sent a message to customer service, please tell them I stood there the poor, get the answer or let me invest to Baidu, they earn my money. I’ve come to the conclusion that Baidu is strong and sinister,


from Baidu after hitting the wall, began to consider to do Google, to say Google is really good, fill out the information, such as 2 days to reply to say: sorry, your site is not completed 6 month limit, does not meet our conditions, hope to cooperate, but what we should say is new, test, test it, at least get a clear answer, have not been wasted, the Ming Dynasty Vernacular words. As far as the conclusion can be reached,

can not be imagined

Ali mum: it’s cool and considerate,

I saw a lot of web advertising

from the initial site of the advertisement, the lower right corner of the alimama, also did not care about, I thought this is the Ali Mama advertising user, no way, can only look at it, after registration, add code waiting for review, not to mention the mom work really agile, audit too fast, I did not expect, slowly start the advertisement of the mom, during to the Ali Mama customer sent a message, do not know your email, how long do they reply, after 2 hours to reply me, suddenly feel that this is good. On the choice of it, although the day don’t make much money, but somewhat. The conclusion is: Ali is cool and considerate,

above is my advertising experience, to a 3 months of webmaster experience their real process, talk about very general, very true, thank you browse,


by the way, bring some traffic,, be interested in advertising, ha ha, let me continue