O2O online ordering can be basically divided into three major categories, one is buy, two is booking, and three is take out. Buy basic foregone conclusion, nothing more than public comment and beauty group which bigger, which do small, perhaps Baidu Nuomi also has some opportunities. Book this field, public comment network, rice unification network, ordering Secretary can be regarded as one of the best. Scheduled to start early, foreign OpenTable model reference. Unfortunately, here is China, consumption habits have not yet risen. Rice network and ordering small secretary did 10 years on that scale, it is said that even the public comment, a day is only 5000 single. The rest of the more interesting area is takeaway.



online booking takeaway ordering, although slow, but in recent years the situation again. Especially this year, the giants together with the push to the air outlet. Taobao with "Amoy point" came, the U. S. mission pushed the "American mission takeaway" came, and public comment is still low-key as always. So hungry? 25 million months ago, just got Sequoia $, but I do not know can not reliable news, and recently finalized a million class strategic investment.

can foresee, in the second half of this year, takeaway ordering area of PK, and last year’s taxi, buy the same as the previous year, high in full swing. Ordering online has been the last calm before the storm. I’ve been wanting to write about the takeaway, and haven’t written it for a variety of reasons. Now, it’s about time, so let’s talk about this area in a moment of quiet.

takeaway ordering should be "cut" or "meat"


did not know who had a word to sum up, Chinese Internet students three major areas of Entrepreneurship: social, takeaway ordering, reselling second-hand books. It is said that these patterns no giant screens, no threshold, no need any resources, but also can think of. So there are countless grass roots born in these fields, and then they die and continue the cycle. Hungry is the case, is basically a knife stabbing "Jiaotong University fellow brothers" small leaf ", and then on the rise in its body. Hungry, but also a small scale takeaway website, a bit of me, easy to Amoy food, home food, eating a few networks, etc., but hungry, not an order of magnitude?. In view of the development of this year’s ordering area, it can be said that basically part of it, or most of it, has been stepped into the coffin.

about the status of hungry, it is said that last year, the turnover of 1 billion, this one, I do not know. However, according to the rough calculation of the Baidu index, coupled with the deviation value of the moving end, the current volume of transactions is estimated conservatively, how about a day should have more than 3 million. Of course, if you double it, it’s not an order of magnitude if you take it with a cat or a dog. But hungry also has their advantages – single, multi high frequency. Since takeout is an extremely rigid need and is used to