is the highest realm of doing culture. What is culture, culture is a carrier of people of the emotion; it represents the value of identity, love, memory, habits and dependence; also is the most valuable things on the Internet – mental resources users.

most grassroots webmaster has been walking misunderstanding

we have been going astray. Every day in the flow of watching anxiously, see why my site traffic has not come up, how Baidu not included me; the most important thing is you have to think: a new friends into your website, he came here to harvest what website adhesion is the new require the most attention to things; the weight of any website early search engines may not give you high, anxious hearts is of no use; keep fishing attitude, patience Dundian, don’t sit for 15 minutes without a fish on the hook, see others caught a big fish and sit still don’t want to, or fishing, or for a place; people catch fish (for example, heard that a certain grassroots website earned ten thousand per month, his heart is very eager ah), although people should try to think about success Also, before taking a lot of detours, everyone has to go through this process; and don’t be jealous, caused by remorse, why didn’t I succeed, I’m so stupid ah, is not I did not buy the million station group software ah, is not my money is too little to do a really ah "; a real sense of the station, no more than seventy thousand of the investment, this is not possible, for the majority of grassroots webmaster, is not this condition.

that grassroots webmaster do not have so much money, how should I do,


I remember a successful entrepreneurship expert said the capital to do is do not require too much brains, so most of the webmaster should put the mind steady, not impetuous, do not fight the absolute who voted more money, but the fight who put up wisdom; large and medium-sized portal station in what to do what do you do, because you are a person with an army; what should you do? You should think of yourself as the left is right is WAL-MART Carrefour, he is caught in a small shop in the middle, if you put the same goods must enlarge the supermarket a dead end, you small things inevitable bigger than your supermarket, the user will not come; so you must provide special goods, or is a valuable combination of what you offer is basically not the supermarket commodity value, such as you Is the unique flavor of tea and dessert shop or Wuhan duck old coot type goods Lucai shop only in this way, you can live, but live Youziyouwei; do the same with the content of the website, all collected reprint articles, you can only do more hard work.

What exactly should

do and how to do


first, most people do what you don’t want to do: for example, Taobao’s Web site for weight loss, and it’s estimated that there are already ten thousand people on the Internet. For example, someone has to do a thousand stations, and what others have done in the past