Tolstoy famously said, "happy families are like one another; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."". Extended to the site, that is, "successful websites are similar, frustrated websites have their own misfortune."".

so, what are the similarities between the success of the website and what are the important factors for the success of the website?

someone would say that technology is the most important. But from a business point of view, what needs to be done is to solve the problem and meet the demand, not the technology. Business demands are always higher than programmer’s thirst for knowledge and programmer’s little sense of achievement. Happy nets rely on "parking spaces", "friends buying and selling" and other simple components and viral communication to achieve success, not by technology. So technology is not the most important.

some people say that creativity is the most important. But only creativity, and lack of funds and technical support, and good operation team, can only be creative and inadequate, and ultimately can not escape the failure of the outcome.


technology and creativity are not important, so for a website to be successful, what is most important? For this problem, different sites, the answer must vary, but at least the following is similar.

confidence and perseverance. Now the website template flying time, make a website or the amount of time, but it works very seriously, and adhere to two years, three years, it is not so easy. Especially when the Internet is very competitive today, when many people tell you that this website idea is not a good idea. When Baidu first started, there are a lot of people say "is not a copy of Google"? When the website of Sohu has not come out, it has a lot of news release reported that it is a simple copy, will not be successful… Confidence and persistence are especially important in the context of what others say. Well, after all, it’s easy. Say, of no importance, only this.

Kung Fu online. An excellent website, offline promotion is usually a very important part. Offline activities can deepen the image of the site in the user’s mind, offline activities can accumulate the original, most loyal users of the site.

funds are important. Silicon Valley is not only a miracle, but the dream of creating engineers, where high risk investment out of the limelight, it is easy to change is the Silicon Valley. It is easy to make a good thing, and it is not easy for all to know it. A large amount of money is required.

character is very important. Every web site has its own personality. Character determines what he does and what he can do. It also determines the user’s choice. Cool 123 ( is cool, "get on the Internet, I want to be a little bit cooler."!". And good 123 ( is the soil, "I just don’t have any technical difficulties, that’s how I make you a little easier."". The character of the website to become an independent school in the vast sea, stand head and shoulders above others.