Baidu algorithm continues to upgrade, and constantly improve the user search experience, and now the site optimization methods and before the big difference, only a little interlinked, that is the user experience. How to do the user experience is the most important factor to determine the success or failure of the site, how to do the user experience is good, I think, for the majority of users to provide the most authentic original information is the foundation, but also the most important. Perhaps before relying on plagiarism by pseudo original website, also can get good rankings and flow, and even most of the flow can be transformed into actual interests, however, since Baidu change algorithm, this method has gradually fade out opportunistic optimization circle, practice has proved that these are not conducive to long-term stable development of the website, want to the healthy development of the site, then take the stand in the user’s point of view, to provide a real valuable content for users. The chain for the emperor of the era of the past, content is king, perhaps one day before the pseudo original articles, most of the time in considering how to send the chain, in the future to change the mind, every day to send several high quality links, need to spend most of the time remaining to write original valuable articles. So, what are the valuable content in the end, which can really attract users? I from the following points for analysis:

first, the search engine’s confidence in the content of the site. I think that is the search engine users trust foundation trust, trust will only search engine will display the contents of good rankings to the user, so need to take the letter to the search engine, so what kind of articles can let search engine trust? We need to understand the search engine to determine the standard of the original article, how to determine whether the original I think, the residence time of the user to read the page out rate, the search engine index contrast original library and so on these factors, is influenced by search engine to determine whether the original important points. Of course, there are many other factors, such as domain name, age, reputation and so on.

second, how satisfied is the content of the web content by the real user?. Husband teacher said: "SEO’s problem is the source of content, evergreen is to return users.". Content allows customer satisfaction, is the real return of users, can be evergreen. Then we should consider how the search engine can judge the satisfaction of the users. It would be a lot of data as evidence, I think, the bounce rate and residence time are the two most important factors, in addition to "share, now the site has many add share button, for example: Baidu share and jiathis share, if users really love, can readily be shared to the web page large site. So what we can grasp is to write content and guarantee the quality of the content, and do more share. Let the search engine trust, so that users really satisfied.

third, the search results whether the user wants to search engine? The reason for the frequent change of algorithm, which is based on the consideration, before the proliferation of spam, for a long time to search the results you want users to search, users believe that as we all understand. That’s what the article is about search terms