domain name is the icing on the cake, good operation is timely assistance, only a good domain name is not good, a good domain name becomes garbage waste. Only the ordinary domain operators to become Jingdong brand mall is the next case, (although Jingdong bought heavily his Larry, but does not enable protection only) A5 is also a case.

, especially the industry website, website operation is very important. At present, in the process of doing "mobile power network", I find that there are several interesting points, so write this article.

1 is to do division, do or do the whole big, high-end or low-end positioning?

we carefully to clear a certain industry, basically is a big industry contains small industry, then we expand the industry, or inside the small industry? Can be said before the Internet is basically bigger, such as Alibaba, global, HC, they are bigger and B2B, put the shelf heavily. And also done but is more vertical full of sound and colour. But the benefits of big, big words, when the clerk to run single, because the brand is big, so I think it is a big station, security, in a single time, very easy. A small shelf is often considered a Shanzhai, or an out of flow. When I stand exchange and an industry, there is such a feeling, not big brands, small brands can not afford the cost of advertising, so his solution is to do a website, a high-end positioning, a low-end positioning, it does make people feel tired. Making money is not easy.

2, is to make money and then grow, or grow to a certain time later to make money.

nothing more than the several sites, simply rely on advertising alliance to make money in the long gone, especially for an industry station, is to let people think a way to make money, I have seen an industry station, a start charging, no free period, now operating very well, a year. Keep almost ten people, he and I share the experience, I have to make money, smaller, advertising is their own set, although charges less, but I can get some advertising income, so is the same.

but what he told me recently is that if you want to raise the advertising price, the customer will not sell it. You said it was the price before. How do you want to raise the price now?

is similar to such advertising sales strategy, it should be encountered by many of our webmaster. Is to make money or grow, and then make money?. It’s really a torture.

and I think, if only personal earn extra money, I think that money and then gradually plan development. Instead of setting yourself up high at once.

3, is based on SEO search, or rely on brands to establish public praise?.

is not a real war is to rely on search engines to survive, but the search engine to account for a part of the site traffic, before the predecessors said, "