2015, May 5th, the science and technology Tencent Penguin cool released 9 bonus Internet plus the following areas, bring some hope, at the same time in the 2015 business buddy, let entrepreneurs recognize the form.

started in the government work report, the Internet and traditional industries formed by the huge wave, is to agriculture, medical, financial, life, services and other nine aspects of infiltration. Give entrepreneurs great encouragement.

this report lists the 9 major industries that are close to life. They are agriculture, finance, education, food and beverage, real estate, life service, medical treatment, government affairs, people’s livelihood and transportation.

from these 9 popular areas can be seen, these are closely related to our lives, whether you are now 80 or 90, or after 60, you can not escape these essential areas of life. After 80 you should be married and have children of age, will certainly worry about the car for the house. After 90 you, also to the university or the age of graduation, and then think about the work or after graduation independent life security issues. 60 after you, your child to the age of marriage, there are acres of land at home, but it is difficult to sell agricultural products, sell high prices. Downward pressure on children, upward pressure on the elderly.

in the report, the first is agriculture, which shows that agriculture plays an important role in the future and the government. Otherwise, why is the central document No.1 focused on agriculture, rural areas and farmers every year?.

therefore, the following content is elaborated on the micro business which is focused on agriculture.

before that, let’s look at the overall situation of the current micro quotient again. I think, basically, your circle of friends is like this.


then, your attitude towards them is basically the same as follows.


as to why there is such a situation, it is a long story. I don’t say much about it. Prince Wang, I will simply talk about the consequences of such a situation.

, first of all, suffer from these micro agents who want to become rich. Most of the micro agents are students, Bao Ma, family women, family income will not be too high, living expenses will not be too abundant, so we need to do some simple business to supplement. As a result, the low threshold of micro business achievements of a large number of people. These people have no connections, no goods, no technology, no ability. So, only online to find, and eventually be brainwashed way into the goods. However, because there is no skill, no ability, no way, can not sell, and ultimately can only digest. You can lose your wife and lose your money.

secondly, just as the message says, "disturb your friend on WeChat.". Normal people’s lives, WeChat’s circle of friends is almost nothing