remembers that when I first came to Changsha, I had been working with friends on e-commerce projects, including a platform for cosmetics and an innovative home for toys. The toy home platform ended in failure, and cosmetic friends kept insisting.

two days ago, another friend mentioned, asked me how did not engage in electricity supplier?. I am helpless, I want to do, just have no clue. E-commerce in the end how to do it, are saying that vertical segmentation is said, but…… How to subdivide vertically and how to choose


remember to do cosmetics, there is concern to the electricity supplier over there in Guangzhou. Their thinking is to rely on network platform + reality agent, mainly to do the University market. Through their own network platform, and then develop university agents, free delivery to the bedroom. Have to say, this is a good idea. They seem to be doing well. Clothing, home, shoes, jewelry are all involved. In this train of thought, the biggest difficulty is the development of agents. Of course, in terms of supply, there is no doubt that Guangzhou has a greater advantage than Changsha.

in addition, there was also a project to develop electricity providers by community. They make the user experience the ultimate, users can freely comment on each product, you can freely share their application experience. Of course, they also often provide some free opportunities for application, so that community popularity increased, and then with their own mall combined, the effect should be good. Some time ago also made a world class two domain name to do a mall, you can say that the future is bright.

doesn’t know when I can restart my electricity supplier’s mind and raise my sails,


Author: Zhou Zheng,