from May 1, 2008 to August 8, 2008, my salt fog test box () has just been created for more than three months. Currently, the independent IP has risen rapidly to more than 5000, and PR has risen to 5. Well, here’s how I did it in the new Baidu era.

, in the current Baidu exclusive to railway station situation, we can not act with undue haste to start from the most basic work, so we start, first is to own a good website to beautify, structure adjustment, let others first sight when you feel that you are on the site in the heart operation of this site, and this station the size of the look is not small. If some friends feel that art is not good, not their own design page, you can find themselves satisfied with the template online, to set up, it is better than their own design in a complete mess is much better, I was used Chinese Webmaster Station template. In terms of structure, try to keep your site directory concise and, if possible, put your article in the root of the web, preferably because any station is basically a root directory with the highest weight. This step will do a good job to help the later work.

two, the art and the structure of good, we have to add content, now is not popular in the garbage station, to have Baidu favor, it would have to work a little, can not rely on the acquisition and blind COPY, can do some simple original or false original. Updated every day not to do too much, because the copy article even if Baidu closed, you will not have a good ranking, so would a day and 10 original don’t collect or complete COPY one thousand high repeatability article. If you can not get the original article, tell you two ways to add pictures, news, pictures to modify their ALT information, and if your website is not picture information, then tell you one way, is to find out the original site several related to your website, then observe what time to update it the COPY website, it came in the first time it released the article.

three, when you have a certain content, it is necessary to start looking for links, and remember, must you have a certain content, come back to find links. This time, we are the first step and the second step efforts to get in here, because people see your website and content are relatively well, he will have confidence in the development of your site, if your site is currently may flow however, but can let people feel development its potential can not be overlooked. When looking for Links, avoid boasting and greed, with people on their website, don’t brag about your site, to believe that others have their own judgment, huckstered will give others a real feeling of nature on your site have no confidence; as long as better than yourself the website can do even one, don’t think it will find a lot of PR5 or PR6 have high quality links.

above is what I think >