blog, for the majority of users, it may not just to make money, it represents a communication and sharing. But even with this, money plays a crucial role in blogging.

1 wants to make money from blogging, so make it a business. For a beginner, you need to learn a lot about ways of making money, including: advertising, merchandising, direct sales, this is based on the use of money blogging, and try to think about the most suitable for their own blog that the most suitable method.

2, sometimes we must learn to give yourself a reward, treat every attention and your blog seriously, since he spent a lot of time, get the return should be, like business, although your spare time to complete.

3, please don’t talk about money is on the blog, blog or focus on communication, sharing and contact visitors, try to make your blog become some hot topic of the center, tells the reader that is happening in the field. So try to provide your readers with more useful information and valuable content, so improve your blog’s influence. Thus, when your blog is successful enough, money is like an attached product, and you don’t invite it, it will come naturally.

please believe more income to continue to grow, need the right business model: not a successful business model of human and financial resources are very difficult to succeed, and the cost of time is also very important. A good blog should lay a good foundation, take it seriously, and persevere in the future. If you go fishing for three days and spend two days in the net, then your blog will probably only consume your time and won’t give you anything in return.

blog articles are important, but please don’t just write articles, and pay more attention to blog management. If you are a personal blog, blog about interface design, maintenance, writing, publishing all the things you have done, in addition, blogging is likely to like this kind of thing will make you unable to extricate themselves as anesthetics. Here, if you want to make money blogging, you should try to get rid of those intricate details, take a lot of time to promote your blog, improve the design and optimization of some key parts of income. So, here, we recommend that some of the work is not very important to others to do it.

here wants to make a point: first set goals, make plans, and implement them. To achieve the blog’s monthly income is 6000 yuan, and formulate the relevant strict plan is quite easy, but the key is in the implementation, because good execution means to pay a great amount of time, hard work, and you may need to reduce the frequency of your document. Can you hold on, so focus on executing?

therefore, we need to remind everyone that we must do well, that is, to do the work now: send Bowen, and phase >!