has been a station for some time, and has seen many kinds of websites, such as hot SNS, hot forums, and some professional websites. Today, there are so many different kinds of websites, just like supermarkets. Sometimes really dizzying.

website, do not follow the trend, follow the trend is not what we can do grassroots adsense.

, without capital, without money, this kind of thing can blow a path out of competition.

two, no expert team, can deal with everything with the wind to face.

three, without a powerful user base, can support the cost of a website that follows suit.

because we are not a Tencent, not Baidu, US, just a grassroots webmaster, we are at the bottom, hard, we, having a persistence, momentum.

site, it is necessary to do their own interests and hobbies of the site. Start with your own major. In familiar ways, you will be more successful than others, in the process, even if you encounter difficulties, you will not take the initiative to give up. Because interest will become your mentor and support you when you want to give up.

I do station (www.6cup.com) on the deep understanding, no interest, did not adhere to. Your web site will not be able to survive, let alone compete. At first, there are such domain names, and do not know what to do, do forums, search, a lot, which aspects have. Do content station, similarly, is also a lot, is the site just to do to search engines? Answer the negative, to do standing, it is necessary to do a meaningful station. If the location of the first web site is garbage station, then the webmaster in addition to wasting time and waste of youth. No gain, and a dream come true – the garbage station gets worse and worse.

do stand, and write a novel, like a lot of inspiration, and more observation of things around you, and more communication with others, exchange, a little more experience of life, you can get more inspiration and creativity. You will be more successful than others, do not be afraid of failure, to succeed before you know how to fail, and know nothing. The value of failure adds up to success.

do the station, it is necessary to do the most user needs of the site, the most valuable sites for users.

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