"We are familiar with today’s Internet

email marketing" depending on has spread, even to the point of this rampant spam, network marketing techniques has also been widely used why? Usually there are two kinds of SEM marketing channels, the first is to pay for promotion, is also the most direct and precise way, but requires a large indefinite number capital. Second is hard to do SEO optimization, but this will often take a long time, after a few months may be able to see results, large enterprises, and even several years of search engine optimization process. So far, many enterprise websites choose Postal Marketing, mainly because it has the following special advantages.

can be repeated continuous promotion:

enterprise website marketing is nothing more than product promotion and brand promotion, while e-mail marketing has the advantage of continuous repetition, just for the enterprise to create a number of marketing opportunities. Have the ability to promote the operator also can achieve precision marketing effect, for example: we assume in a "cosmetics QQ exchange group in all online members of women must now mostly used mass mailing to promote the product or brand promotion, it reached a precise female marketing purpose, potential customers at the same time, but also pay attention to the classification.

mail marketing can be repeated many times continuous promotion advantages, created it never be eliminated situation, the same product advertising can be continuously sent to N potential customers in the mailbox. Can be a one-time, thousands or even tens of thousands of mail, of course, the server resources consumed entirely different.

passenger conversion rate analysis:

said the website source traffic from search engines, but now is not depending on the inevitable phenomenon, imagine if the propaganda messages in the products are now viewed, and just browsing is your potential customers are going to learn more about the product. There is a domain name link in the appropriate location, for example: click on the details to browse, in this case, access to the site conversion rate is basically above 60%. If this scene can be repeated many times a day, then the site traffic will be greatly improved, while the current outside of the website page, display opportunities can also be improved.

usually website marketing customer conversion rate can be maintained at 2%-5%, even if very successful, from the search engine’s visitors, they usually search keywords, choose your website in the results page, once left even search what words may have absolutely no impression not to mention your domain. The site visitor traffic from mail promotion, is back to the search engine visitors leave the effect of this kind of potential customer conversion rate will be enhanced, really need products or technical support will be the domain name of the website visitors, archiving and other places so as not to forget you.

text from visan SEO blog: http://s.33iis.com/sem/75.html