wrote an article about Internet company SEO earlier in the article, writing about the survival of the Internet company. There are also many people believe in A5 is SEO in the network company, rarely posting here, because the enterprise website optimization. Ranging from more than 10 to more than hundreds of sites in the management, basically very difficult to find the time to write the article. Well, the management of so many sites in the end SEOER is how to manage it? Here’s a talk about how I do more than 60 website optimization is how to do?.

manages so many websites that it’s difficult to manage without planning it. You have to plan what you do every day and, of course, flexibility. Specific website ranking query, website updates, the chain release, customer visits and other work content.

first is the website ranking query, of course, it is impossible to query the site keywords ranking every day, after all, so many websites query website ranking also need some time. So I basically do a complete query every week after Baidu update, and other times, or updated to this site, or customers asked.


website is updated to do business website is the most troublesome thing, so many websites may not each website every day to update, so it must be a good point, in so many sites are part of the site is already in the search engine rankings, so these sites may not need to update every day, to ensure an update within a week has been very good (not time limited). The rest is either because keyword competition is too big or new sites are built, and these sites need to be busy and updated. However, it is impossible to update it every day, so it is necessary to update the batch once a day.

followed by the release of the web site chain. Web site outside the chain of Web site optimization is more important, and the way is also very much. However, so many resources, first of all sure is the first to use the resources on the hands of the main. You can select some sites that are not on the same server, and then do cross linking. The image point is that the A site is linked to the B site, the B site is linked to the C site, and then the C site is linked to the A site. I believe that the owners will be more or less a few blogs, I do blog the chain way is by way of mass, because too much of the station, but the mass can not just hair, first is you certainly better, in the original. There are forums, ah, and so on, you can, the specific way to send the chain too much.

do enterprise website optimization, must adapt to is the customer’s complaint phone, because you may receive every day I asked the key word, how did not row to Baidu home page, when can go up?. I think many webmaster are afraid to answer such questions. Therefore, in order to be able to receive less customer complaints telephone, so we must do a good customer visit, that is, regularly give customers a call, tell him the progress of the current site optimization, so >