A5 (http://s.admin5.com/qiye/) home station network currently offers study channel (http://s.admin5.com/browse/191/), trying to provide a display platform for the majority of owners, business enterprises, recommend a good site. If you have a unique website operating model, the page design is small, unique, and has a certain traffic and user base. Or you have to share the outstanding website cases at home and abroad, are available through the A5 study channel display, through the audit site can get home and recommend opportunities, good site can obtain more graphic recommendation for two weeks.

audit standards:

1, the website complies with the relevant laws and regulations of the state, and has a regular record.

2, the site has a certain user and traffic.

3, the site of the model has some innovation, small scale in the industry.

4, page design beautiful and generous, has certain characteristics.

5, apply for web site recommended users, please send a web site information to the mailbox: [email protected]

audit instructions:

review through the site, recommended articles will be edited by A5, according to the relevant information provided by the preparation,

in order to provide more opportunities for small and medium-sized Adsense free display opportunities, commercial promotion of the site will not be audited. If the show intention, specific advice (QQ:8136128 A5 triumphantly)

article format:

1, title example: A5 webmaster network: webmasters and network entrepreneurs must see the website

two, website profile, 100-200 word website overview, and strive to simple and clear.

three, picture website introduces a picture, can be website brand logo, also can be website home page capture.

four, website name

five, website address

six, text 300-500 words, introduce website model, website establishment experience, development plan and so on, brief and clear, let the user understand your website.


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