, before I speak, take the two picture:



this industry is not popular, may even even so-called industry does not exist.

We first talk about the

site, the station site antecedents add up to about 6000ip, hao123 accounted for 4500, in addition to several well-known navigation stations such as hao123.cn and so on, the other is basically QQ and 360 navigation channel. Here it is difficult to see the origin of the grassroots navigation station, or is a single digit ip. Often visit the A5 forum, find out that the navigation station still grassroots operation navigation station, There are plenty of people who, is the most painful, because there is no threshold, also have to find characteristics.

if you have no money, no channel to do virus, many grassroots feel characteristics, present situation, characteristics of the navigation station on what is nonsense.


search engine ranking is basically the same, Google to more than 600 IP, soso300, Sogou in 200, baidu4500 Yahoo yisou Youdao, what what what, it is in the blind, has basically been out.

Google is the first Chinese want to compete, the purpose of soso inherited the consistent style of Tencent, not the ability to engage in temporary and not to make money but promising, followed on paipai, soso or even QQ space are followed by this strategy, once the time is ripe to force, and the future of Sogou? It will become a feature of the search, as the year three portal in 163, but Sogou is still far less than the 163 position of the three portal in the year.

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