[every sentence]: a lot of times, fast is slow, slow is fast. -, co founder of Analysys International, Zhang Ying

[preface]: I can’t remember how many headphones are written in the day, but such a day since I entered the electricity supplier industry, it completely disrupted. Blogs are rarely updated, and micro-blog is rarely written, and almost disappeared on every QQ group. So, when you have a lot of changes and even sacrifice for a year of e-commerce business experience, it is not only worthwhile to write something, but also must write something.


there is no doubt that China’s e-commerce is currently in a very difficult period at the whole. Especially when vip.com listed, so in the past very good news, today, but become a verification "bleeding", "loss", "capital chain" tense conclusion. It had to let people sigh, e-commerce Chinese, how


China won’t have Amazon

this title would offend many people, will lead to the twins and despise. But I must stick to my mind, if there is wrong, please forgive me.


China is difficult to have Amazon, not one (or a few) determined to become China’s Amazon electricity supplier’s own problems, but China does not have such a big environment. Just like we don’t have Jobs here, and neither will Facebook or Pinterest. Nor is it a question of imagination or executive power, but rather the result of brutal competition between fast success myths and capital push hands.


electronic commerce and the United States compared to the electronic commerce China more obsessed with the Amazon development route, regardless of platform or electricity supplier vertical electricity supplier category — almost any rapid expansion, local take cities and seize territory, as far as it can overwhelm opponents as soon as possible, then a single large.

this is a good idea, but when you are so intent strategy similar and obvious, like everyone in the board are playing mahjong "seven", the most likely outcome is "Huang", who is also not hu.

without him, we can not ignore the fact that China’s consumption environment is very different from that of the United states.

one, consumer mindset and loyalty are very different.

China’s consumers lack loyalty, and brand recognition ability is relatively weak, which makes it difficult to quickly accumulate electricity supplier brands. This is not to blame Chinese consumers, it is the electronic commerce website a few brand heritage, a heritage of the brand, sales and must maintain commodity homogenization standard loyalty through price. Coupled with the Internet parity, it does not seem to be so difficult online stores, so where cheap goods, consumers go where to buy, so e-commerce spell!