Baidu post bar

post bar has accumulated a lot of bar and user, has become the world’s largest Chinese community, is to do SNS marketing the preferred platform.

(1) before posting, familiar with the environment, read bar bar rules (do a good job relations, we all understand)

(2) do not send those two-dimensional code, would be likely to 100%

(3) in the Post Bar mix familiar, enhance the level of

(4) to prepare their own marketing brand, create a good stick, in their own post bar do marketing advertising (everyone knows),

(5) multi diplomatic bar, look at personal EQ, Sina, micro-blog,

micro-blog is divided into blue V (enterprise organizations) and yellow V (stars, experts, reds)

micro-blog marketing mainly lies in the following points:

official flag set up

has a micro-blog, first of all should be certified, and better to do brand influence. It is not recommended to use XXX directly as micro-blog’s name, so the attraction for fans is not high. Authentication information: XXX official micro-blog, a domain name, you can bring domain names, such as Baidu certification: Baidu ( official micro-blog, this is the best brand flag composition.

content operations location

content positioning is a micro-blog soul, but also fans of the characteristics of Representatives, fans are also because you like your content to pay attention to you. For example: micro-blog local information blogger, they are mainly on the local things reported, thereby positioning a number of local precision users. (micro-blog doesn’t recommend chicken soup and jokes. These micro-blog are everywhere.)

micro-blog try not to frequent frequent forwarding, multiple original. This will improve their micro-blog fan awareness, but also give Sina data official a clear micro-blog positioning direction.

interactive contacts

micro-blog on the network is very important, a blue V connections mostly depends on the influence of this enterprise brand founder, however, a yellow V contacts depend on personal influence and friends.

blue V operator best build a micro-blog business circle, more interactive as micro-blog Baidu matrix under the system of the most famous: Baidu Baidu Baidu Nuomi @ @ @ @ @ takeaway Post Bar Baidu Baidu map @ Baidu web search and micro-blog we can see Baidu’s family of micro-blog business circle.

personal yellow V user influence, need to rely on their own network of contacts around and micro-blog’s position to rise.

personal user with yellow V on micro-blog, micro-blog and his business is not bad. Personal micro-blog to drive enterprises, micro-blog marketing, the most typical is: millet Lei Jun.