hot summer has come again, so how can the weather less barbecue and ice beer? These two are definitely partners in summer, barbecue, is a lot of people are familiar with and like a kind of food. A lot of people choose to eat a barbecue at a family dinner, a friend’s party, or an intimate conversation. Many investors are optimistic about the domestic market will invest the barbecue, barbecue in the eyes, to realize the ambition in the barbecue industry, to realize their dream of becoming rich. So, open a barbecue shop to make money? Here, we will look at the introduction of small series!

now, barbecue shop business model is no longer a single, street stalls, barbecue shop, self brand barbecue shop to join……, with the progress of society, barbecue shop business model has gradually diversified. Below, we will be on the street barbecue stalls as well as self barbecue shop, for example, to analyze the cost and profit of the barbecue shop.

street barbecue

in the hot summer, every time to four or five in the afternoon, people can at the crossroads, the station and other places where the flow is relatively dense, see a variety of barbecue stalls. Moreover, each of the barbecue stalls are crowded with people, we can see that their business is so hot. If investors put a street barbecue, can save a lot of shops rent, renovation costs, only need to take barbecue equipment purchase costs and barbecue material costs, total investment costs about thousands of yuan. Open a barbecue shop to make money? Put a barbecue stalls, less investment costs, profit margins will be more.

self barbecue shop

open a barbecue shop to make money? If investors in a three line city to open a barbecue shop, the store area of about 80 square meters. Shop rent 3000 yuan / month, renovation costs 1-2 yuan, barbecue equipment costs $50 thousand, raw material costs 10 thousand yuan; promotional costs of $10 thousand; self barbecue shop investment costs about $100 thousand.

open a barbecue shop to make money? As everyone knows, the self style barbecue shop, there are varieties of vegetable dish, barbecue meat and other products. In general, vegetable dish kind product cost only a few cents, priced at 1-2 yuan, gross profit was about 90%; the cost of meat dishes in 1-2 yuan, priced at 3-4 yuan, gross margin of around 50%. Other products such as rice cakes, steamed bread, sausages and other products gross profit of around 90%. According to statistics, the gross profit of barbecue shop around 60%.

analysis of Xiaobian you should know to do barbecue business can make money, in fact, barbecue, low cost, great profit space, of course should be prepared in advance of the preparatory work, self barbecue shop investment recommendation