– background –

in order to give you a good reading, first introduce myself, just out of the society soon, is less than a year, have a copy of your satisfied job, remember just entered the university when the Internet began to recover, pretty fire, again because of his initiation very strong interest to the IT industry. Although the school is not in the field, but their spare time or love to watch the computer and Internet books, there have been building a station of its own play idea, but this time dragged on for 4 years!

– feeling –

site must have the theme, ah, I learned statistics, statistics of the various tutorials are very touched ah, that is called a "bad", and then on the "certain" and decided to build a statistical professional learning site. OK began to move, but the corn? Two years ago it was thought to be good, many of the classic corn, but now my name so meters long have been registered, it is depressed, but the effort does not pay off, or find a far better (sta8), barely used. Site theme is clear, the corn, placed in front of me is the problem of program. (focusing on)

has been hovering in the selection of entire station program, a decision by PowerEasy, selected him because his fire and multi video tutorial (forum because I am a novice, no tutorial is not ~). But after a few days of learning, I found it very annoying. The feeling is that the way you go is that you have to follow his steps,. I don’t like it very much. (please be behind the scenes criticism)

then wandered around at PHP’s CMS, what phpaticle? Phpcms, PHP168, Dede? /? Both of them looked. Found to see im286, everyone said Dede good, also used dede. Of course, many attempts have been made in the middle. Here is a personal evaluation of the above CMS rookie:

1; think phpaticle template is too little, but also not good-looking, no how to use, give up;

2; PHP168, okay, yes, but the tutorial was too small and gave up. Ha ha, but like the acquisition of php168cms. It’s really cool. Let’s just get all of sina’s domestic news to our computer;

3. Finally, Dede. Looked at his templet, as well as his various signs at a glance. And a lot of outdated likes. The firm chose dede. But I thought I chose phpcms. Hey, why? You go to Dede’s official forum. What, dede3?. 1, why don’t you issue it? It’s just that it doesn’t count. The individual understands that the BLT brothers have to use this dede3. 1beta make money. (don’t be bricks, come on, it’s the real idea of the individual)