is Baidu moves up, Baidu personnel recently launched the test, just lost Baidu library and Baidu talent, to the webmaster friends can also help me ah, but as a webmaster and I know what I need I need talent, in what kind of platform to promote themselves, a superman the webmaster is not equal to anything, you know only the Internet and this station, the author personally experienced Baidu talent powerful, resume can freely move, the enterprise covers all walks of life, like our webmaster friends in Baidu to write a resume to have electronic don’t expect people to find you, because there is "mixed, people from all walks of life too much. As a webmaster, if you need to sell yourself, as the creators of the site, you want to find like-minded entrepreneurs, do not wait here, to lock their recruitment site of the industry, the effect will be better, I am by A5, I this 90 small find to support himself by chance A5 talent pool, I received a network promotion and soft writing work today, with gratitude and share A5 recruitment to my change.

for Adsense recruitment, for example, 51job, Zhaopin, Baidu talent and other large professional recruitment site, really no Admin5 webmaster nets so effective and practical, in this I listed 4 points:

first: A5 webmaster network team, that is a professional Internet talent, by the king of the pro take the lead team, conscientious.


station network created by the graph king, almost all of the webmaster can learn or communicate in it, A5 has become the webmaster in stationmaster net platform and reputation image station, membership has exceeded a million, the Forum gathered a creator and operator of a lot of talent and grass-roots Internet site, marketing and promotion of talents the recruitment and talent itself in such a platform above, will undoubtedly save time and effort, here is this Doug headhunting directly on both sides of communication and docking, immediately solve immediate problems between the two sides, not only solve the problem, people are hard to find, but also help people realize their value of life, occupation planning.

second: because of professional, so self-confidence.

A5 webmaster network talent section service is China’s about 3000000 webmaster, just for Adsense service.

we do the Internet, Baidu also do the Internet, but you need to find a person, you will go to the Baidu search, this way is obviously eat nothing, China do now has more than 3000000 Internet webmaster, Adsense network is for Adsense service, fixed position is very clear, the webmaster, the Internet for people the work must find a professional service for our site, they more than we understand more comprehensive.

third: A5 talent search peas, who do not know what? (Hei Hei), not in this promotion peas, because people do not need.

doesn’t have to say that, you don’t succeed, the key is not what you have