often find naturally or half unconsciously, imitation Wuhan home web site has numerous network, especially in some Adsense website or circle, Wuhan home network source trading, home net Wuhan high imitation and other related content and technical discussion appear in high frequency. In this case we first appeared, these imitation station especially early with hacking and stole the source trading phenomenon, has taken some measures to suppress, notify the user to stop infringement behavior, even going to the legal approach to plan, this site development cost close to 200 thousand, and spend the expensive development results and by others in the hacking transaction or imitate infringement, for who would fire.

but here, I as a founder of the Wuhan home network, document how not to expose or express anger what opinion, but helpless, can only choose to default, and I hope my speech, may be of use to use or are using Wuhan home network program or imitation program business owners.

can not be questioned, by means of theft of source code, and hackers in the online high volume sales practices, each of us is the webmaster can’t stand and detested. Because of the existence of these people, the Internet is so insecure, our business is so hard. For imitation, we can’t stand someone else’s imitation, especially in China’s Internet atmosphere. Of course, I’ve also been working on the pages or other functional advantages of other good websites, so I don’t make any comments or personal decisions. Imitation may be a new webmaster early, there are shortcuts to make a site prototype, so I personally do not oppose the beautification of the site imitation.

I want to say, is ready to use or for Wuhan home network program webmaster, is from the same business and personal point of view, I respect you, I understand you, even these remarks is in support your business. However, I suggest that if you want to succeed in business, you’d better not care too much about the program and not on the page. And the success of the website, the key is in operation, management, in the core of the model, not by a set of procedures can be successful. This is my founding home improvement network in Wuhan five years of personal insights.

Wuhan home network from the domain name can be founded in 2006, and people who know me know that, before the founding of Wuhan home network, I served in the army for 12 years, the equivalent of 12 years of isolation, although my experience of the site began in 2000 of the military network, but with the Internet is completely two concepts. So when you started, you didn’t know the Internet at all. What websites did the Internet have, as well as the advanced SEO and the like, you didn’t understand it……. A director must want to ask me, what you don’t understand, why do positioning decoration, and still make a success? In fact, the reason is very simple, I had just become slaves, is preparing to decorate, so…… Ha ha, coincidence!


because of their understanding of the Internet, so at the time of the domain name registration more casual, readily registered a.Net domain name