in the early summer of May, not calm in May, brutal May, born May! Rarely write articles, always feel that writing is not good, but recently saw many webmaster, especially entertainment owners encounter. Especially some of their own experience written out, I hope to help you webmaster! First to tell me about the site experience,

!I do

station is also at the start of this year it, to tell the truth before May website traffic is very good, a little effort, a month over a million new IP easily! In February, I bought a net to buy website when hotty, visited the site every day only 200IP about.

I often read various types of SEO articles, understand the ", the essence of ": link is king. So I tried desperately to find the link, and nothing was done except for the link. In just three days to find 50 of the chain, and I exchange connection station is Baidu, word ranking snapshot, update is also fast. Half a month later, as I expected, my sister network in Baidu hot keyword row to the home page, a week before the back of three, day search traffic has more than ten thousand IP.

every day to do things out of checking connections, that is, continuous collection of content, almost every day. Every day at the traffic soared taste, experienced webmaster all know! But the arrival of May, good times don’t last long, Baidu big update, let all become a turning point. Second days, all entertainment, pictures station more than 95% of the site was Baidu killed. Baidu large-scale K station, and let me believe that "connection is king" webmaster, surprise. Almost overnight before liberation. That kind of blow is hard to face. Because we do stand for Baidu live without Baidu traffic, we can hardly survive! One day from Baidu tens of thousands of IP did not look, many webmaster is really hard, you give up stand. After I understand, found that there are signs of SEO station is the goal of K, and some content based web site is still alive,


after I concluded, there should be several reasons, below share to you:

1. search engine there is no free lunch, will always bring you flow, " link king " thought would have eliminated the overexpression of SEO,

The loss outweighs the gain. harm to others!!

2. sites don’t live for search engines, but want to be evergreen. Brand development is especially important. The process is the development of search engine, don’t rely too heavily on! Excessive, once K,


3. website content as far as possible original, excessive collection, repeated content is also easy to be search engine out and punishment! Original content is better than the chain is more important!


through the May Baidu ranking big storm, I have begun to seriously study the brand station, the main points I summed up 3 points, if you webmaster do more, should be >