with the rapid development of network economy, online shop in 2007 also ushered in a climax, pat shop, Taobao more fire, more and more small and medium enterprises into the online shop tide, it said, online shopping has been more and more recognized by consumers, the shop will be more 08 years open the fire.

but a lot of friends are a little guilty before opening an online shop, because there are always some baggage that can’t be left out of the shop, especially the independent online shop. Let’s take a look at these past daunting baggage.

One of

‘s burdens: websites are a technical thing,

when it comes to site construction, I’m afraid most people are discouraged, because many people do not understand website technology, more people say that businessmen who do business. Source code, templates, CSS, database, a bunch of professional terms, so that the construction of the website into a design company or network operators patent.

burden two: security of online transactions

attached to the trading platform, the user can be indifferent to the security of the transaction, as long as their own copies of the work done on the OK, and other trivial, you can all hand over to the trading platform to do. When you pay for, my safety, then it is not the important thing — at least in Alipay, caifutong payment standard, is not a problem. But if you develop your own standalone online app, it’s going to be a big headache, and it’s a challenge for you to embed your payment standards and make it work properly. And if you don’t pay for it, your web site will become a product display site.

burden three: follow-up support unsecured

independent development of the site, after the operation, technical problems and technical upgrading will be stalled. Maybe your strength is not enough to recruit a team, then the subsequent technical maintenance and development will become a big problem. Especially in today’s rapid changing website technology, online shop such a high interactive website, technology updates than development is more important.

uses third party technology to complete one-stop shopping mall construction

, behind these packages, we need a more mature scheme for those eager to promote online business. The author puts forward a new idea to set up shop here to you, maybe we are not unfamiliar, is a mature third party service, get rid of the burden of restricting the development of the biggest shop, which can be more focused on their own business. After I decided to set up an independent online shop, many friends recommended ShopEx with me. ShopEx not only provides a mature third party system, but also a special service called ". Green protection plan ". Listen, that’s right, so I went to ShopEx’s experience center —-" first. My shop " personally experienced a handful of feelings