we stationmaster often do station and make money to be linked together, the purpose that does station only has one, that is to make money. Also, hard work every day in the network suffering, in order to live, can earn money above the network, must be the most concern of each webmaster. But some webmaster to these two concepts completely the same, believe that the station is equal to money, these two concepts are they a sign, so every day to copy, paste, collection, optimization, waiting at the search engine, there is a flow wait on N for advertising, etc. with the money, do not care about your visitors experience, often open the few of the website can see, almost filled with the eye is full of advertisements, these sites can earn some money, hundreds of thousands or some, but it is difficult to develop, difficult climate. Because these sites had no adhesion, all traffic from all search engines, one day, when its search engine no longer loved these sites, then what is not, waiting only quietly disappeared.

actually do station also is not completely equal to the money, there are many ways to make money, if it’s so easy to do stand to complete induction to make money it lost the original website function, website is to provide information resources for netizens, rich Internet knowledge, provide the most effective help for users. If so simple as the website function is to make money, that is too one-sided, everything is dialectical unity. We do not deny that the website can make money, because reality is by many webmaster website for students on the web site to make money, but this is not equal to do stand is to make money, this only shows that do stand for users to provide information and help, when reaches a certain level can be used to profit, but not blindly believe it that is to make money. Even if some stationmaster thinks so, do so, also can be destroyed oneself station only, waste one’s energy. What you earn is just a little bit of money. You can never get a great deal of development. If you change a concept, will do the interests of the station and the majority of Internet users, for Internet users, and put these in the first place, well, in the future will certainly earn more, the harvest will certainly be more.

in my opinion, do stand is to provide users with access to resources, information platform, for the lives of Internet users to serve, and only put this in the first place, in order to get more returns. Not all day thinking about how to make money, how to cheat their flow increase, this method is not feasible, because it may be busy themselves tired, may also be empty. Some Adsense in order to make money, even very hateful, malicious code, Trojan horses, viruses on the station, in order to obtain money, I would like to ask the webmaster to think about it, in order to some money, is it worth it?. We often become victims of these people, so that we can not open the Internet now, do not dare to open the web site, it is really helpless. Think what you are doing to stop it, nor for the sake of the interests of Internet users point, not only for the Internet service, but also to engage in vandalism, do so because they will make money, do stand these two concepts completely equivalent in their eyes only money, what the moral cultivation >