the first thing to say is that this is a soft, but it is definitely a useful soft! We are doing the station, also do not have to hide.

, let’s talk about the basic situation first. You must have been like me, when the server expired and was forced to shut down. My queen sky, Baidu included more than 7000, Google included more than 30000. Queen sky more than 7000 articles, plus what tag, about thirty thousand or forty thousand of the amount of data. Last September, my friend told me that his server expired, and I stood on top of him and closed it by the way. Because it is a female station, the picture is more than 2G. Too late to backup pictures, had to hastily backup the database. Because the server was not available for a while, the site was closed until now.

just found a better server and put it on. However, the collection has basically gone off. What? Here is my way. For your reference only.

1., it’s important to find a stable server with good speed to prepare for the spider’s crawling. It hasn’t come for such a long time. It must be served this time.

2., planning the site of the URL, decided not to change easily after, it is best not to change. URL best static, the server space is not allowed, pseudo static will do. The standard URL helps spiders crawl, and also helps increase the weight of the site. Meta and keywords written, as far as possible and the site is not closed before the close.

3. make perfect site map sitemap, pave the way for spiders. Write robot.txt, block old URL, and the path you don’t want spiders to crawl through.

4. inside the well, it can attract spiders. Re submit to Baidu and submit to the catalog. In the spider active site hair soft Wen, such as Admin5, Chinaz and so on, I’m doing now. Exchange links, remember not to exchange a lot of money at once, slowly, a day 3—5 best.

5. daily check the site log, remember to see the original log, see if the spider came, no, what spiders, climbed what pages, returned code is normal. Adjust accordingly according to the site log.

6. repeat fifth steps.

in these 6 steps, the fourth step is the key, can draw spider to see him. But I want to remind you, don’t do mass, old station comeback, originally search engine will seriously, strict observation, you again have a mass, a lot of the chain, that is very dangerous..

well, that’s it. I hope everybody’s old station can be revived. I hope you feel that this article is not only a soft text. It’s still a bit of a drop! Feel useful to send a link, thank you for joining us!