education is a popular topic of the whole nation and the whole society. A local economic development, can not be separated from the talent, and talent training can not be separated from education. At present, Zigong for its own characteristics, adopted a series of measures to promote the development of local education, let us look at the following.

(1) to enhance the ability to run the project. The implementation of the compulsory education school standardization and informatization engineering renovation of dilapidated buildings, schools, built 1 million 190 thousand and 900 square meters of buildings, completed Huidong experimental school, Nanhu campus education network education center, network audio and video network construction projects, the annual arrangement of special funds for privately run education more than 90 yuan.

(2) school level upgrade project. The implementation of the reform of classroom teaching in primary and secondary schools, the 60% schools will be included in the scope of the pilot, to cultivate various types of advanced curriculum reform, more than 130 schools; accelerate the occupation education pilot projects to promote Sino German cooperation, transfer of 1000 acres of land for the construction of the new campus of Sichuan University of Science and Engineering, completed the first round of preschool education three year action plan and the three year vocational education task.

(3) teacher ability improvement project. To carry out moral construction "three" activities, the implementation of the "131" project and improve teachers’ quality and ability of "Zigong Education Forum" in the network courses and other training programs, to guide the city’s 336 urban and rural schools form development community, the establishment of high-quality digital teaching resources.

(4) education to help improve the project. To set up the "exemption, reduction, awards, compensation and help loan" in one of the solid support system, the implementation of complete free compulsory education, secondary vocational education tuition free policy, reduction of economic difficulties family children and high school students tuition fee, granting scholarships and living allowances for poor students.

plays an important role in the process of economic development! This time, the ability to improve the school to take Zigong, improve the level of education, improve the ability of teachers, helping to improve the education of the four projects, hoping to further implement, in order to promote the development of local education.

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