any one industry has operated for many years "veteran", nature also has some novice just joined, and for the novice, how to manage the nature has become a problem, so the cigarette market. The new certificate of cigarette retail customer of the cigarette business are unfamiliar, in order to help them rapidly into the normal track, Liancheng tobacco customer manager of "three steps" to the new card retailers cigarette business guidance.

the first step: do a good job of cigarette ordering, cigarette sales and other brands of knowledge and guidance. The new accreditation involves tobacco retail customers, this special industry time is short, still do not know what to the tobacco industry and tobacco business, I do not know how to order what cigarette, and so on, therefore, the customer manager to order before the first visit, the cigarette ordering way (online ordering, mobile phone orders etc.) the current situation of tobacco industry, and the supply of the main market brand, policies, laws and regulations to publicize and explain in detail, so that they can quickly enter the state of good business.

second step: do business guidance. For these new card retail customers, customer manager to visit and spend more time to guide the settlement of cross line how to use electronic settlement, and how to perform a good cigarette blatantly, how to carry out marketing activities such as festivals, let them grasp the cigarette business skills faster. Such as: cigarette display, cigarette promotion, cigarette inventory management guidance.

third step: do a good job security reminder. In the daily visit, security matters to permit new customer advocacy: cigarette management should pay attention to prevent cigarette discoloration, mildew, prevent theft, cigarette switches, may help people sell cigarettes, reduce unnecessary losses.

chose to enter the industry, naturally in the hope that this industry can make their own wonderful business, however, if you are not able to understand the relevant business skills, business will be faced with the problem very much. So, if you are a new certified cigarette retail customers, with the above guidance, do you know how to operate it?