I believe you must have seen in the streets of ten yuan stores such small shops. 9.8 yuan to buy what? 9.8 yuan can buy a wooden mirror VOV lip gloss, a texture and "Carpenter Tan" or a set of almost immediately be able to wear gloves and hats. There is such a cheap thing sounds unlikely, but in the capital of ten yuan jewelry store can meet your wishes.

1, to all products, including cosmetics series, headdress, jewelry and other jewelry series, key chain, cartoon dolls, ceramic dolls and other gifts.

2, recommended to choose the shop address at the north, Hongshan, friendly downtown area, taking into account the ten yuan shop has a majority of students can also store selection in the vicinity of Normal University, such as new relatively prosperous school.

3, a lot of people do not know whether they should join the shop, in fact, plus or not have pros and cons. Choose to join the benefits of the shop, the headquarters will provide free membership card, POP image card, promotional materials such as inkjet