domestic Chinese novel website webmaster many novel sites for bandwidth, does not occupy a space, less resource consumption, easy to copy, text, search opportunities, copyright problems is relatively small, so we are willing to do the novel website, domestic novel the site has 20 thousand -10 10000. But less than 100 profitable.

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is the most intuitive advertising revenue, other categories of literature station site, the larger flow, suitable for a variety of popular advertising, such as click, pop-up, registration and so on, there are some advertising and Dangdang outsourcing alliance sales commission. Literary station suitable for advertising VIP charges to attract the author to the author. It is possible to have bigger, mature the original novel site is currently the starting point, such as such, waves several novel website can achieve this effect.
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mobile phone literature site CD-ROM, voice fiction, drama, film, drama, drama adaptation, game adaptation, translation and publication, and novel copyright cooperation

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