in order to allow the number of customers more, and now the major stores are constantly in the display of a variety of talent, which is now free of a lot of operators’ favor". In the retail business, as the owner will often play free signs, and this sign is very attractive, no matter who saw, will be heart. So it will go into the store, which makes the owner increased revenue. Over the years, I have been doing this, because the free can really attract customers, and then earn income for me.

but this is not my first. The reason why I took this strategy was a touch, since the touch of that, I began to carefully build this free sign. This is the case, my son is in primary school, children learn to draw. However, in the face of a variety of art classes, I do not know where to go.

however, in many art schools, there is a school that attracted me. The reason that attracted me was that it played the slogan of free audition. It was like a spring breeze blowing my heart. Because I think this move is very good, not only reflects the confidence, but also for the sake of parents and children, only through the audition can feel or not to learn. So I first reported the name, then a few parents may also be optimistic about this, so have to sign up.

so, my son began to study in this art class. Study for half a month, the son felt very good, so we handed over all the tuition fees, the son became a formal student. At that moment, I suddenly felt that the president of the art class will attract students and parents. In fact, his main sign is free audition. This free earned him a considerable source.

a year later, I found that the school has launched a free project. Because the art school and other projects, there is not only a painting, calligraphy and piano lesson and etc.. The school also launched a free audition for other subjects a month’s move, I learned that the news is very good, whether good or not, is free of charge. Let the children free to learn a month and then look at it.

so I let the son free to learn a month to play the piano, a month later, the son said he likes to play the piano. In this way, while learning to draw his son, while learning to play the piano. All of a sudden, I think the school really will do the work, he did not force students to learn anything, but through the free audition for children to understand their own characteristics, and then like. From free to pay, this is a process, but in the process, the school has harvested a lot.

these two things let me because it is filled with a thousand regrets, happened to me the practical child, I think that the art school students is very good, because it is the implementation of a free action. The original free so unexpectedly